August 12: A day to be remembered

People often ask how long ago we opened the gift shop and we very quickly blurt out "November 10!" We've thought of this date a lot as our anniversary date. Knowing the next time November 10 comes around, we'll be ready to celebrate.

As I was recently planning our trip to the NY NOW gift show it hit me hard that just a year ago on our first ride to the show, we were deciding if we should change the pop up and art market name from CRAFT-O-RAMA to something else that would fit the year round shop. We spent hours in the car to New York City brainstorming names. We talked about a color theme, we talked about the type of inventory we'd have. We purchased a few things and drove home with the name Hippo! 

I woke up this morning thinking it was a normal Saturday. Leave it to Facebook to tell me otherwise. I was scrolling through my news feed and a photo came up "On this day.... one year ago...." This was the day that we received the keys to 741 Purchase St in the heart of downtown New Bedford. This is a space I had the CRAFT-O-RAMA pop up shop in 2 years prior and I had been thinking about non-stop since and had probably a dozen conversations with the property manager to see how we could make it happen. 

Sometimes it feels so right being in this spot that it seems much longer than a year, but seeing this photo of my hand holding the keys in an empty space, I'm amazed how much we've accomplished in such a short amount of time. Since this day just one year ago, we painted the walls, we assembled a lot of furniture, we brought in inventory, we changed our name, we rebuilt our social media, we brought in more inventory, we rearranged shelves, we've done a lot to create this quirky little gift shop. The shop we both imagined in our dreams. 

So many people have supported us on this journey. I'm so thankful for the social media likes, comments and shares. For the in store purchases, the waves from out the window, the reviews, the customer comments that make us feel like all the work is worth it. And of course, the awesome artists, artisans, designers, and crafters that have put their faith in us to carry their one of a kind treasures.