Animation Station!

Last Thursday we hosted an animation night at Hippo. Every couple of months or so we have small animation sessions here at the shop. What is an animation session you ask? WELL... It all starts with LightBox Collaborative Animation Project. We round up a small group of friends and LBCAP's head honcho Eric brings portable light boxes, index cards, and permanent markers. I know you're wondering, "That's it?!" I wondered that myself when I saw him arrive with only a file box of materials, but it's true. That's it! 


After setting up, it's time to get to work. The goal of the evening is to create a giant flip book of sorts that Eric then takes home and digitally animates. You begin with a starter card of a random hand drawn image and over the course of a few minutes alter the image index card by index card (again think flip book) until the allotted amount of time is up. Now, this is where is gets really fun! You take your stack of cards and pass it to the person on your right. That person now has to build another mini flip book based off of your drawing and so on until all of the index cards are gone. If it sounds complicated, don't worry, it's totally easy! Detailed instructions are given and once you start and get a feel for it, it's simple.

When the night is over, Eric takes all of the index cards home and combines them into a digital animation video with music. In a couple of weeks he uploads it to YouTube and Facebook where everyone can see the finished product. It's the coolest! 


You're probably saying "Sarah, why are you telling me all of this?" I'm telling you because this Thursday, August 24 Shelley is hosting a Drawing Social at Groundwork here in New Bedford. From 6pm-8pm you can try Eric's LightBox Collaborative Animation for yourself, as well as drawing games, and a collage station. No experience is necessary. Bring your friends, bring your fam and go have a great time! 




Check out the links below for more info and to RSVP:

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LightBox Collaborative Animation Project

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