6 Items for Self-care in Stressful Times

We're officially in the thick of "THAT" time of year. That cold, snowy, rainy, gray time of year that offers little sunlight or warmth, that you could deal with at the beginning of January because it gave you an excuse to stay in and decompress after the holidays but now you are totally OVER it. It's the time of the year Seasonal Affective Disorder hits hard (for me especially) and you start creating Pinterest vacation mood boards featuring warmer climates and counting the days until glorious Spring (maybe that's just me?).

My favorite thing to do when I'm stressed or a little down is to carve out some time at night once and a while to treat myself to all the lotions and potions I've collected from my favorite makers. Really nourishing products, handmade by actual people and friends who care about what you put in and on your body. And since this is Hippo and we are passionate about real people making things, I'm going to share some of my favorite things I use to de-stress. All of it is handmade, most of it is local or purchased at a local small business, and all of it is organic and all-natural.


Orange Coconut Body Scrub by Potion- After taking a really hot shower and getting those pores open, turn the water off and scrub your body with this goodness, turn the water back on and rinse. It exfoliates, moisturizes, and smells amazing. Potion's products are made in Providence, RI and available at Hippo or online.


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Coconut Oil Spray by Under Aurora- After exfoliating you want to moisturize, and after you steam your pores wide open its especially good to moisturize with an oil that really gets into your skin. This spray is my go-to. And you can use it in so many ways. It literally comes with a card telling you 20 ways you can use it! Just spray it all over and rub it in (which is also super great for your lymphatic system!). Under Aurora is located in Columbus, OH, and you can purchase online OR at Hauswitch in Salem, MA.

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CBD Angel and Vata Roll-ons from Avraveda- I love to put this on in  addition to the coconut oil spray. They're amazing for inflammation and pain. I roll-on a little on any troublesome areas and rub into the skin. It's an amazing tension reliever on your shoulder/neck muscles and lower back. Each have different blends of oils and herbs for different purposes and smell so good. Avraveda's products are ayurvedic and handmade in Southcoast, MA. You can find them online or at your local farmer's market.

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Rose + Shatavari Herbal Masque by Birchstone Apothecary- I scoop out a little of this, mix with some water until it's a paste-like consistency, add a few drops of tea tree oil and put it all over my face. Wait until its dry and wipe off with a warm cloth. It's so soothing and deeply nourishes your skin.

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Rose + Moonstone Facial Mist by Birchstone Apothecary- THIS. This right here is my absolute FAVORITE. I use this everyday as part of my morning and nightly skincare routine. Rose Hydrosol is a great gentle toner for those with really oily or sensitive skin and it's so refreshing. Use as part of your own skincare regimen or just when you need a little refresher or pick me up. Birchstone Apothecary's products are also ayurvedic and made in Westport, MA. You can find them online or at local farmer's markets.

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Honey Power Immune Tonic by Snakeroot Apothecary- Another little concoction I like to use is this immune tonic. It's awesome during this time of year as a preventative measure, when you feel like you might be coming down with something and when you're actually sick. The tonic has so many immune boosting ingredients like elderberry, honey, apple cider vinegar, propolis, and echinacea. I take it especially when I've been out and about around lots of people during cold and flu season. Snakeroot Apothecary is located in Joshua Tree, CA. You can find their products online or at Hauswitch in Salem, MA.

I like to wrap up my little routine with a cup of tea before bed. Some of my favorite places to get tea or herbs to make your own tea and tinctures as well as more all-natural skincare and self-care products are Seven Arrows Farm in Seekonk, MA, Farmacy Herbs in Providence, RI, Gather in Newport, RI, Artemisia Botanicals in Salem, MA, Organical Botanical in East Greenwich, RI, and Down to Earth in New Bedford, MA.

I encourage you to poke around in some of the places listed and visit your local farmers markets. They're a great way to discover new things, products, and actually get to talk to the makers of the things you are buying. Take care of yourself during the dark winter and set aside some time to treat your body to some things that are good for it.

xo Sarah