Do you have ______?

Often times people come into the shop with something very specific in mind. 

"Do you have photo albums?" "Do you have jewelry with an elephant on it?"

We'd love it if we had everything that everyone was looking for in our little gift shop. .Wouldn't that be nice? It seems like often times when people come in with something very specific in mind, our answer is "Sorry, we don't have that in the store"

But you know what we do have?  We have the perfect thing that you don't know you or someone you love needs. One review we got on Google from our customer Mary Beth says "Great place to find one of kind items you didn't even know you were looking for! The shop itself is cheerful, organized and inviting too!"

Seeing that, we realized that we can't always fit the needs of people when they know what they're looking for but we can often help someone find the perfect gift they had no clue they were looking for! It's always so fun to hear someone exclaim "Wow! A cat mermaid pin!! My bestie will LOVE this!"